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- Conflict of interest?

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Possible conflicts of interest?

- Nobody is alleging that an illegal activity has taken place, however given the magnitude of the project (the project is worth 2 BILLION dollars and accordingly, should be subject to close scrutiny and transparency) it may be worthwhile highlighting some interesting facts as follows:

- CB Richard Ellis - CB Richard Ellis sourced and contracted all of the consultants that provided reports to support the Development Application. CB Richard Ellis is likely to be involved in the leasing of the data centres so may have a financial interest in the successful outcome of the project.

- Mr Stephen Ellis - Stephen Ellis is the past President and CEO of CB Richard Ellis in Australia and New Zealand. He left that group in 2006 and is now on the board of Technical Real Estate (Source, Technical Real Estate Website, http://www.technicalrealestate.com.au/management.htm ) and Galileo Connect.

- Mr Stephen Ellis is a shareholder of Technical Real Estate via another company called Corporate Estate Management Pty Ltd (Source, Australian Securities Commission).

- Technical Real Estate and Galileo Connect are the consortium that are developing the data centres. Mr Ellis was publicly involved in Technical Real Estate in September 2007 at the latest (Source MIS Financial Review, http://www.misaustralia.com/viewer.aspx?EDP://20070911000019383595).

- It is possible that Mr Stephen Ellis may continue to have some influence at CB Richard Ellis and in particular, their consulting work on this project. It is in fact possible that Mr Ellis was still at CB Richard Ellis when the proposal work started.

- Mr Andrew Campbell - Andrew Campbell developed the Technology Practice Group early in 2004 to supplement the CRE business at CB Richard Ellis. This group was set up to specifically advise on data centres such as the subject of this proposal. He is also on the board of Technical Real Estate (Source, Technical Real Estate Website, http://www.technicalrealestate.com.au/management.htm) and Galileo Connect.

- Additionally, Mr Campbell is a shareholder of Technical Real Estate via the same Corporate Estate Management Pty Ltd company (Source, Australian Securities Commission).

- Technical Real Estate Pty Ltd - Technical Real Estate are the promoters of the data centres. However, they don't appear in the development application at all. Additionally, ActewAGL are the applicants for the Development Application however they have no shareholding in Technical Real Estate. Technical Real Estate are simply a business with a goal to make a profit.

- What exactly is the relationship between ActewAGL and Technical Real Estate and in particular; is there some sort of scheme to secure land at a bargain price?

- SDA Engineering Pty Ltd - SDA Engineering are the organisation that supplied data that formed the basis for the noise assessment in the Development Application. It should be noted that SDA have an existing business relationship with AGL (50% shareholder of ActewAGL) which is NOT of a consulting nature.

- SDA were appointed as Engineers and ‘turn-key contractor’ to design and construct a 4.4MW of 4400kW cogeneration plant for the Coopers Brewery at Regency Park, Adelaide (Source SDA Website http://pahrisite.com/sda/nat.html)

- AGL was their client and it would seem that it is in their interests to maintain their ties with such a good client. In fact, when one looks at the majority of the drawings from Galileo Connect contained within the Development Application, SDA is mentioned as being responsible for the electrical work. There is a clear conflict of interest as SDA have much to gain by this project going ahead. How valid is their data?

Disclaimer: This web site was created to aid Canberra residents in gaining information regarding the ACTEWAGL proposed development of a major utility gas-fired power station and data centre. The contents of this site have been provided by other concerned residents who do not have the resources, either time nor money, that ACTEWAGL have to commission investigations, surveys and reports. These residents do have some skills and expertise in the areas they have provided details. They may make mistakes in their figures, especially those relating to high technology. They did not do this deliberately to mislead and any corrections are welcomed. We ask that you use this web site as a source of information and research details for yourself. The creators of this web site do not support all the views contained on this web site and again stress this site is provided as a resource for Canberrans to gain information and support research into this $2 billion project. It will affect you - use your voice.