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Power plant our own idea: Actew AGL
Canberra Times - 29 August 2008

Forsaking expert input unhealthy for democracy
Canberra Times - 18 August, 2008

Experts 'silenced' on gas plant
Canberra Times - 18 August, 2008

Planners find 21 problem areas in data city project
Canberra Times - 7 August, 2008

Election heat off data centre as Govt orders lengthy probe
Canberra Times - 7 August, 2008

What can you do? ACT NOW!

1 - Write to your local State and Federal Members of Parliament and the MLAs - details in this guide

2 - UPDATED 02 October 2008 - Pass the message on to everyone you know by printing and handing out our flyer
Click here to download our flyer (PDF)

3 - Print our petition and post it to us once signed by yourself and your friends to:
CPR Inc., PO Box 40, Erindale, ACT 2903
Click here to download our petition form

4 - Join us as a member of Canberrans for Power Station Relocation
It costs just $30 per person ($20 joining fee and $10 for the first year's membership) and funds our campaign
Click here to download our membership form, complete it and return with payment to:
CPR Inc. Membership, PO Box 40, Erindale, ACT 2903

5 - Donate a contribution towards our legal campaign (either send a cheque to the address above or use PayPal for online donations)

Disclaimer: This web site was created to aid Canberra residents in gaining information regarding the ACTEWAGL proposed development of a major utility gas-fired power station and data centre. The contents of this site have been provided by other concerned residents who do not have the resources, either time nor money, that ACTEWAGL have to commission investigations, surveys and reports. These residents do have some skills and expertise in the areas they have provided details. They may make mistakes in their figures, especially those relating to high technology. They did not do this deliberately to mislead and any corrections are welcomed. We ask that you use this web site as a source of information and research details for yourself. The creators of this web site do not support all the views contained on this web site and again stress this site is provided as a resource for Canberrans to gain information and support research into this $2 billion project. It will affect you - use your voice.