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- Flood zone

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Flood zone

“The power station cannot be built on a site prone to flooding”

- At the public meeting 28 Monday 2008 held by the Tuggeranong Community Council the project manager from ActewAGL told the meeting that one of the sites considered for the power station was rejected due to an abundance of indigenous heritage artefacts located at the site.

- He also stated that another site had been rejected as it was prone to flooding.

- The chosen site Block 1671 District of Tuggeranong is however also prone to flooding.

- The recent hail storm of 31 December 2006, caused block 1671 to flood with the run off from Macarthur ridge. This flood remained for sometime. Damage was extensive. This is not the first time and certainly will not be the last.

- ActewAGL have again proven the limited amount of research they have undertaken to fix upon this wholly inappropriate site for such an important and enormous development.

- This proves that ActewAGL by their criteria should not have selected Block 1671 and further proves that ActewAGL have been deficient in their duty to select a suitable site.

- If ActewAGL had done what they were supposed to and even consulted the locals, they would have told them that the fences in the north eastern corner of the block had to be replaced after being flattened by the deluge. Furthermore, the replacement fences would have to have been replaced at the request of the ACT Government who paid for this repair.

- Failing consulting the people this development affects however does not excuse this poor piece of research. The fence replacement should after all be a matter of public record - it was paid for by tax payers.

- How can ActewAGL continue to support the proposal for a site in a flood zone?

- Will ACTPLA ignore the flood evidence and approve the development application?

Disclaimer: This web site was created to aid Canberra residents in gaining information regarding the ACTEWAGL proposed development of a major utility gas-fired power station and data centre. The contents of this site have been provided by other concerned residents who do not have the resources, either time nor money, that ACTEWAGL have to commission investigations, surveys and reports. These residents do have some skills and expertise in the areas they have provided details. They may make mistakes in their figures, especially those relating to high technology. They did not do this deliberately to mislead and any corrections are welcomed. We ask that you use this web site as a source of information and research details for yourself. The creators of this web site do not support all the views contained on this web site and again stress this site is provided as a resource for Canberrans to gain information and support research into this $2 billion project. It will affect you - use your voice.